Use of twitter in blogging

Twitter is an amazing social network for blogging. The reason for the importance of twitter in blogging is it can bring more visitors to a site rather than other social networking sites. Sharing post on twitter will help the webmaster to get more visitors because if we share a post on facebook it is only able to visible in front of the friends that you have in the case of google + also the things are exactly same as the facebook if you have more connects then the post may get some views. But in the case of twitter all things are different when we tweet in twitter the tweets are visible to everyone that is, if the sharing post is represented with a tweet keyword in twitter then tweet is visible to all twitters users who are checking that particular keyword. Tweet keyword is always represented with # sign. There is a probability that the post is able to generate 1 visitors from 50 or 100 views. Usually in blogger it appears as a traffic source when a visitor came from twitter. Sharing posts on social medias has a big influence in providing traffic to a site. And also it helps the webmaster to get a backlink from the social networking site.

Just try this, share a post on twitter by using share button and wait for 5 minutes after that note the visitors stats from there you can see that some more views are generated to your site. When you check the traffic source you can see that the traffic is generated from which means it is from twitter. Twitter is something more than a social media which is very useful to get some traffic. So it is better to use twitter in blogging rather than using fake traffic exchanges( only to the bloggers who use traffic exchanging sites). It is more fun to use twitter than using facebook according to my view. All the best.

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