Use of Google+ in blogging

Google+ is one of the best social networking site in the world. It help us to connect with different peoples from different community. A google+ is automatically created when a person sign up for gmail. This Google+ has a major role in providing traffic, development of a site and social sharings, for blogging. We can connect with anyone at any time not in the way like twitter follow method. We don't want to make followers only have to connect with peoples so that both we and they will get the posts equally seen. There is a follow option also, Rather than twitter we can make more connections so that our posts will get more views than the tweets. This will surely help us to promote blogs and sites in the Google+, like twitter it is also allow '#' sign to represent a particular keyword so that one can make numerous views with the help of keywords. Unlike twitter there is no character limit in posting, twitter only allows upto 147 characters to make a tweet but google+ allows to use maximum words when posting. Sharing blog post in Google+ will get more response than in twitter and facebook as far as I sensed. This social network is really useful for blogging thus it allows to make more connections so that more views may get to the blog through posts, Google+ badges are there it will help the visitors to read our active participation in Google+ and many more opportunities are there to make blogging more comfortable. In Google+ making circles is the key of getting more friends and followings.

The best thing from Google+ is it is growing rapidly so that it help us to promote posts more easy and usefully. Social sharing has an important role in the development of a site and making more comfortable for blogging. So using Google+ is very useful for the impoving the seo of a site. All the best.

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