Top 10 Most Visitors visiting sites in the internet

Internet consist of millions and billions of websites which is registered domain or with sub domain. Based on the traffic that recieves to a site top 10 most visitors getting sites in the internet are the following.
1) World famous search engine google has ranked No.1 in the internet based on the traffic that recieves. The reason behind it is that about 95% of the internet users around the world are using this search engine.
2) Another world famous social networking site has ranked No.2 in the internet based on its traffic. It is estimated that facebook has more than 900 million registered users are there from all over the world.
3) The world largest video/movie watching and sharing site has ranked No.3 based on its traffic. If a person try to watch full videos in the youtube then he need to spend more than 1700 years which is impossible.
4) World first search engine has ranked No.4 on the internet based on its traffic. Yahoo is the
internet users favourite search engine and ranked No.1 before the coming of google.
5) Windows live popularly called hotmail, an email registering site has ranked No.5 on the internet based on its traffic. This service is part of world famous company Microsoft and their operating system Windows.
6) The book worm of internet has ranked No.6 in the internet based on its traffic. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that everyone can write and learn. Wikipedia is started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales.
7) The mother of all blogs in the internet has ranked No.7 in the internet based on its traffic. Blogger is a part of google service that everyone can create their own site without buying a domain name.

8) This is a chineess search engine which is not much popular to other country users has ranked No.8 in the internet based on its traffic. Google has stoped in China because of that baidu got many users.
9) Generally a search engine Microsoft network has ranked No.9 in the internet based on its traffic. MSN is a part of microsoft company.
10) Yahoo itself in the Japan has ranked No.10 in the internet. The company of yahoo is situated in the Japan and all its services are in there.
There are the most visitors getting sites in the internet. All this data is based on the world popular ranking system This records may change anytimes because of the competition that occurs in the internet. All the best.

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