Telegram service is ended in India

Telegram, one of the earliest communication media has stoped in India. It has an history of 160 years where people used this media to communicate with others in the earlier when there is no phones and internet. It is a sad moment for the peoples who used this media earlier, it is known to be a source of transfering happiness and sad to one person to another like a letter. The reason behind the death of this service is the raising of internet and mobile led to the decrease of telegram users. Telegram mode of media is invented by Samual Morse on 24th May,1844 and it came to India in 1854 which is about 160 years ago. On the last day of this service thousands of people has came to the telegram center and posted last telegram messages to the beloveds. Even though the wide use of internet and phones destroyed this media there are more than 300 telegrams are sented every day in Banglore and on the last day of its service in there only about 1100 telegrams are sented. In different part of India people used to sent maximum telegrams to their friends and relative for placing a hold on the history. Increase in use of social networking sites and messaging medias are led to the destruction of telegrams. In earlier times letters and telegrams are the only source of media in which they can contact with others who are far away from them. Writing letters and sending telegrams have a big role in developing the writing skill of a person in the earlieth century.

Now a big contact media comes into huge fall as per as the view the ending of telegram media is showing us that there is enough possibility of stop of letter system also. Writing is a passion that ones our earlier people are followed now it is coming to sad end. Keep touch with writing and use of letter will be the best way to keep memories alive.
" Thank you telegram service for all that you did to us". All the best.

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