Some interesting human body facts

Our human body is one of the miracular thing in the eyes of the scientist because every organ or part in a human body has a specific function which is very essential for life. Let we can see some interesting human body facts that in our body.
* Oxygen is an important component in our day to day life an adult requires an average of atleast 88 pounds of oxygen everyday for survival!!
* Generally a new born baby have about 300 bones when they grow up and became an adult they have only 206 bones!!
* Our body is rich in calorie when we kick a stamp about 1/10 of calorie is consuming!!
* When we sneeze our heart is stop its beating for a millisecond and it is not possible to keep open the eyes when we sneeze!!
* The finger print and the tongue print are a unique factor which characterizes every humans, it is not identical in shape when comparing with others!!
* About one quarter of the bones present in the human body is in the feet!!
* The tongue is the only part in the human body in which muscle that is attached from one end only!!
* An average human being laughs 15 times day, which is a good exercise for heart during blood circulation!!
* Human scalp that is the head has an average of 1 lakh hairs!!
* An average human heart beats 72 times in a minute which means that about 1,03,680 times in a day!!
* About 48,800 g in a human body consist of oxygen and about 18,400 in the human body is carbon!!

* A human body is consist of 46 hormones which determines that the person is a male or a female and the genetical abilities!!
* The number of foldings in the brain determines the IQ and mental ability of a person
* In humans, the skull consist of 27 bones out of the 206 bones present in the human body!!
* In a small drop of blood contains millions of blood cells which are in spherical in shape!!
There are some of the interesting facts that one can see from the human body. Our human body is a wonderful thing. All the best.

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