Some interesting fun facts about animals and birds

There are many crazy facts that are found in animals. It is mainly funny and interesting to know, every animals and birds has there own ability. Here are some interesting facts about some animals and birds.
* Butterflies smell with their feet, not with nose!!
* Milk of camel contains 10 times more iron than in cow's milk, which is more nutrient and considered as good medicine for deficiency of iron!!
*Most of the peoples considered that dinosaures are meat eaters but most of the dinosaures are plant eaters!!
* Hen is added in the category of birds even though they don't fly, the longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds!!
* An iguana can stay under water for 28 minutes without breathing!!
* Bird eating spider which is found on the amazon rain forest can grow big as about upto a size of a dinner plate!!
* Man's favourite bird parrot have a life span of about 140 years, which is absolutely about 1 and half century!!
* A snake can see through its transparent eye lids when they are closed!!
* The actual size of a caterpilles is about 27,000 times bigger than the size it was when it is first emerged from its egg!!
* A tortoise can live more than 300 years because of their s-l-o-w process of heart beat in a minute!!
* If a long race is conducted between cheetah and horse, the horse will win the race because cheetah the fastest animal in the world (140 km/h) will tired very soon while horse can run long times without any tired!!

* After humans, dolphin has more brain capacity than any animals and birds presented in the world as recorded!!
* Polar bears are the most meat eating animal in the world that ever noted!!
* The eyes of the chameleon can move independently so it can see 2 different direction at same time!!
There are many fun facts are there about animals and birds these are only some of it. Our biodiversity is a gift of god, love them and enjoy its beauty. All the best.

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