Some informations about Linux

Linux is one of the popular computer operating system of all times. This operating system is easy to handle, anyone can modify it as there own like and can redistribute it. It is freely available and its actual program code is also available so that programmers can modify itThe fundamental part of linux was written by a Finnish university student called Linus Torvalds. First 2 versions of Linux was released in the year 1991 after that programmers and developers from different countries modified it and distributed it to others. Unlike other operating system this one is free so users of Linux is increased day by day upto the coming of the great operating system Windows but this operating system was well supported by many big manufactures and vendors. Even now also programmers are interested in modifying Linux into there own version. This operating system has now also running in the hands of different developers not as an operating system but as a program code software. There are many advantages that one can noted from this operating system while comparing with other operating system. That is the best reason for choosing linux in there computer, while comparing with Windows operating system this OS is not much great at the performance. An operating system means a program which act as an interface between a user and the hardware, Windows is one of the family of Graphical User Interface while Linux is run on its own modification.

Linux is a part of the popular webservers in the computer world with a set of programs- Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which is commonly called as LAMP. Anyone can freely get a linux from its official website and can modify it through its source code. Linux is programmers favourite operating system as it is led to the discovery of new softwares. All the best.

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