Power of love

Love is the most valuable thing in the world and nobody can buy it with the help of the money but only with the help of exchanging it. True love never dies it last for ever even after death also it is very hard to find true friends who loves us more than our values. One can simply define the true love in single sentence that is one who knows our weakness and still loving us then he/she is the true friend. Now our technology is growing we have social medias which connect different persons from different society we add them as our friends. Sometimes we don't who that guy is, that is not the way of finding a true friend. True friends are coming from true love which is very hard to find. A person can make thousands of friends in a day but it is very difficult to find a single true friend who loves us more. Friendship is not only the place where one can find love we can find it from the stories, orphanages etc. The real love never die it will live forever even still after our life. Friendship is just only a source which one think that the friends are true and they love us but it is totally wrong we can find friends from everywhere but hard to find a true who loves us so much. Love is a gift of god there are many who are worrying of lonely. We can never buy love from any shop or from anywhere we will get love by exchanging our love to others.

Love has the power to open hard hearts of anyone. Without love there is nothing and everything is because of love to find love we need to visit the orphanages and streets of poor people there we can find love. Even though they don't have money they share everything that they have even they give their life to others. There is only one life to handle with care so make good friends and love others. All the best.

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