Internet addiction and its causes

Addiction of alcohols, smokes etc are something that we are see normally in our society but now there is a new type of addiction is there that is Internet addiction. The reason of addiction is our mind taking control of our body and brain which will cause many after effects. All types of addiction are equally dangerous even it is alcohol, smokes, internet or even to food. It is found that teenagers and youths are the one who are addicted to internet mostly, one of the greatest social media facebook is found to be used more than a limit is the mostly notable addiction to the internet. It is noticed that an average teenager used to spend more than 60 hours a month infront of the facebook. It is not a bad thing that using a facebook or other social medias daily but need to have limit. The person who has the power to control his/her mind can stop this kind of addiction. If a person addicted to the internet the best step that need to take stop using that media for 1 week, lets see the influence of that media in that person in the beginning it is something but need to practice this. Internet addiction mainly effects mentally and then to physically, it makes a person mentally unhealthy and physically bored.

The best way to get ride of this addiction give concentrate to something other than this, best thing is play some outdoor games may help to get ride it in some way. This kind of addiction mainly makes effects in student that is they give lack attention to studies, for that it is good to practice a time table for both internet use and studies don't give your mind to fall into this mass media. Using Internet and other social medias are very important in this world because it help a person to develop their communicative and social skills but need to have control in it other ways it is very hard to get back from this addiction. All the best.

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