Interesting Racing Car Facts

Car craze is a common think nowadays most of the car lovers used to check its speed and milage it has. Let we can read some fast facts about cars.
* A Formula 1 driver can change the gear of it in 30/1000ths of a second by simply pressing a switch which is placed in the steering wheel called a paddle!!
* At 350Kph a car can cross a football pitch in its full length just in one second!!
* The fastest top fuel dragsters can accelerate more than a speed of 530kph!!
* Drag races can be finished in less than 5 second because of its killing speed!!
* Gary Gabelich, a car racer set the world record of first land- speed record faster than 1000 kph in a pocket powered car in 1970!!
* The fastest car crash that ever noted was occurs in 1996 by Craig Breedlove, who drive the jet car at a speed of 1103 kph got into an accident surpricelly he was safe without any hurt!!
* Top fuel dragsters are so fast than the imagination of a person so for pumping drag it need a parachutes!!
* Andy Green set a world record of fastest driving speed of 1227 kph in a jet powered car called Thrust SSC in 1997!!
* Changing a race car wheel during a race almostly take only 8 seconds under the hands of 20 mechanics!!

* On a car race a slight delay means 1 second may cause even the death of the driver so most of the racers practice with video games before start practice in the original car to concentrate on everything!!
* SSC Ultimate Aero TT, one of the top fastest production car can go on a speed upto 412 kph, this can is available in the showrooms at more than million dollars!!
* Racing car types are designed with full perfection that to get sticky when they heat up because of the acceleration so that they grip the track better!!
There are many other cool racing facts are there. Racing is good but keep safe is also an important thing. All the best.

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