Influence of Adhitz in blogging

Adhitz is a good alternative for google adsense because of the good CPC rates. This ad network offers quality ads to attract the audience so using this ad network in sites will help the publisher to earn more income. One think it is important to mention is there text ads which is graphically more attractive than adsense text ads and chitika ads. It is a common thing to see that most of the bloggers are using this ad network. However this ad network never offers any CPM earning. For blogging this ad network has a major role in providing more income to the publisher than from the adsense. Of course I am not against adsense it is the king of ad network but adhitz is somewhat a great challengeable ad network to notice. Adhitz offers CPC rate of 0.03$ to 0.10$ depending on the geo targetted. The reason that I am recommending this ad network for blogs is it is hard to get a adsense account for a beginner. If a blogger has a adsense then it is the best to use if not or banned from adsense then it is better to use adhitz. But the greatest disadvantage from adsense is one can't make revenue from there site if the site is not able to turn its audience to click ads.

The earning income from a CPC ad network based on the skills of the webmaster. People click ads not only because of there wanting but also because of the graphical quality of the ads. This ad network is also good for bloggers who wanted their payments via paypal or payza because most of the people are prefering online bank rather than checks. When we comparing with adsense minimum amount for withdraw cash is 25$ for paypal and 50$ for payza. So in my part of view adhitz is the best alternative for google adsense even though google adsense is the best. All the best.

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