Importance of Backlinks for getting pagerank

Page ranks have an important role in providing traffic site. Without pagerank it is somewhat a tough chance to get huge visitors. Some people prefer that posting contents and updating daily will help them to get pagerank or improving pagerank but updating is not only the thing that provide pagerank to a site, backlinks are also responsible in it. If a site has more than 100 backlinks from different sites which have pageranks of 4 or 5, then there is enough possible to get a pagerank of 1 or 2 to the site. It is very simple to create backlinks, when you find a blog or site which has a good pagerank then click on any one of the content and comment your views about it, below your comment provide your blog's url also. This is the way a backlink is created like that continue this process will help you to get more backlinks. Google give more preference to backlinks from .edu and .gov domains so backlinks from such sites will help the blogger to get pagerank soon. It is very tough to get a backlink from Wikipedia, if it is possible try to post content related to science or social and provide url as a source of it. If they accept content then you will get a backlink from wikipedia which is the best backlink that you get from a website.

Creating backlinks by using backlink creator is not a good option, because more backlinks help a blog to get pagerank but getting huge number of backlinks a day will trouble you, by google add such sites in the list of scam. The most important thing that one should have to understand before creating backlinks is give preference to quality than quantity. Quality will help you to get pagerank while quantity will destroy your blog by adding the site in scam list. So be careful when you create backlinks. All the best.


  1. I do agree that the back links to be developed steadily and practically. As per panda updates, sudden raise in back-links may be treated as spam. Moro ever, while commenting, proper care like: niche blogs, constructive comments, quantity of back links to be taken. Thanks for sharing information. Blog commenting mistakes

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