Importance and ways to claim a site in alexa

Every bloggers are aware about the alexa ranking but it is very sad to see that there is thousands of blogs which is not claimed yet. It is very easy and there is no cost for claiming a site in alexa. Many bloggers are wished to have a rank but don't know how to claim it. The reason for it is most of them are confused with the html pattern that the alexa was telling. They tells the webmaster to place the verification code in between the head element but most of the webmasters place the verification code and html elements in the post and publish it, when they click the verify button in alexa it says that they didn't find the verification code. The reason is that alexa tells to place the verification code in between the head elements of the template. It is very easy to claim a blog, just goto to the template and click the edit html, paste the verification code ( remember only the code not the html tags that the alexa provides) in between the head part that in the template html. Then save it and check the blog now you can see that the verification id has shown below the url bar. And then come back to the alexa claiming site and click verify. Now the site is claimed which means you will able to get ranks based on the traffic that you get.

In some sites alexa rank will not get without claiming so it is important to claim the site in alexa. Adding a site in alexa will help to get a backlink from alexa, this rank providing site has good pagerank and have a trusted stats are also. Alexa help us to track the rank of the site which is compared with the sites from all over the world. So claim your site as soon as possible so that you will get a global rank and country rank. This kind of rank systems and backlinks are very important in blogging. All the best.

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