How to save a penalty goal in football

A penalty is a part of a game which is presented in most of the sports. In the football it is in the form of a kick which is taken by a stricker only with the presence of an opponent goalkeeper. It is not easy for goalkeeper to save a penalty it need proper timing, good concentration and half luck is also needed. Only a good trained goalkeeper can save a penalty easily. For that the goalkeeper need to practice proper diving on timing with good preparations. Goalkeeper is need to have a good body balance so he can dive properly at any height. The body of the goalkeeper need to positioned like a square, both the hands spread widely to take the catch or to punch it. Look at the eyes of the stricker before he kick because before the stricker kick the ball he aim a point to shot thus the goalkeeper can predict the which side the stricker is going to shot. There is a survey that most of the strickers are take penalty strike to the opposite direction which means a right leg player shot the ball to the left side that is the right side of the goalkeeper. So there is enough possibilities are there to save a goal with predictions.

Legs of a goalkeeper need to act as a spring which help to jump at good timing. The responsibility of a goal which taken by an opposite team through penalty or direct strike is not only the fault of the goalkeeper it is the fault whole team. So don't feel bad if goalkeeper( you) didn't saved the goal. Be beleive in yourself that's the key of saving a goal. Win or lose is a part of a game don't feel bad when the team lose always make your emotion to get ride all the feelings. So saving a penalty is a tough thing if the goalkeeper has proper practice then it will help him to save the goal so train yourself well. All the best.

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