How to improve traffic by writing content only

Contents are the important factor of a website or a blog. Whenever a content is prepared and published in the site, the aim of the writer or the webster is to get more views. After publishing contents at the best the webmaster expect that content to make atleast a 1000 views, but when he/she fail in making such a number it makes them lack in confidence in writing. The real problem in this matter is the wrong subject and title selection. Before writing a content the writer need to find is that content will hit in search engine sometimes we may thing that probably our choosen topic is one of the surfers favourite keyword but it is not in every cases. For eg: most of the bloggers have concept that 'tips about marketing' is a big hitting keyword in the search engine but the real fact it only recieves about 20,000 surfs a day. In this number there is no guarantee that the blog post will come infront of the top results. So when writing content one should have to careful about the demand of the topic. In order to know the hitting averages of a particular keyword goto in here you are allowed to place a keyword and check its demand, from that you can find that how much valuable that keyword for writing a content. It also provide popular keywords which are in demand in searches, using that keywords as the title of the post will help to get more views to a site.

A title need to contain atleast 70 character it is because a single word can't able to put a website infront of the search results. And also most of the internet searching keywords are found to be more than 1 word so if the title and the searching keyword of the surfer is same then it will help your blog to place its position in top of the results. Using right keywords for writing contents can alone make a website to get more than 2000 visitors a day. So do blogging by preparing quality contents with useful keywords. All the best.

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