How to get a backlink from Wikipedia

Every webmasters has a dream that to get a backlink from wikipedia. Only few of them have successed in getting a backlink from wikipedia it is because this free encyclopedia doesn't like articles related to promoting and related stuffs. It is very easy for a blogger to get a backlink from wikipedia if they hardwork for it. The process is very simple to get backlink from wikipedia, that is wikipedia allows the members to provide a reference source of the articles that the writter wrote. The things that one should have to be careful before writing in wikipedia is write more than in 800 words, avoid maximum spelling and grammatical mistakes, the subject is need to related with science or social, the informations that you wrote in the article need to contain in the website also so that they will trust you as the source is true, the content is need to be unique. If the wikipedia accept the content then then your site will get a backlink from wikipedia. The reason for the importance of backlink from wikipedia is this free encyclopedia has a pagerank of 9/10 and this is one of the trusted websites in the internet world. Getting backlink from wikipedia will help a site to increase its pagerank so that the site will get more daily visitors. Google give pageranks to a site if they find any faith in that site, that is why a backlink from wikipedia is so important in blogging sometimes it may determines the growth of the site.

Google mostly prefer .edu and .gov backlinks along with that backlinks from highly pageranked sites will give more chance to increase the pagerank of the site. It is somewhat a hard thing to get a backlink from wikipedia in the first two tries, try untill they accept the content by modifying it. Wikipedia is not only the site that gives more importance to the backlinks there are many other sites are also so try on it also if you get it then it is your lucky thing. All the best.

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