History of Google

Google, the world famous search engine which has graped many achievements in the internet. Even many of the beginning internet users considered that google is the internet and without google nobody can access any site. This is only a concept because google.com is also a domain name like other website has. This mighty search was discovered by Larry Page and Sergi Brenly in 1998 September, starting of google is not much successful because of that time most of the internet users used Yahoo, the first search engine. However the pageranking system of google help it to make some sense in the webmasters to place their site in top of the search results. Soon the internet users try google search engine, speed and placements of results makes them to use it continusely. Year by year google has developed more and more, got some advertisers which help them to generate income with it. In 2003, Google has successfully launched a program called adsense which allow the advertisers to advertise and the webmasters to earn income from the ads that serves in their site which is placed by google for the advertisers.

This program help google to get more users daily, before and after the adsense program, google has launched many other programs including gmail, blogger, Google +, Google reader etc which help them to double their earning. Now google has ranked No.1 in the internet based on the traffic that it recieves daily. It itself has a page rank of 9/10 which will show their services in the top of the results. The users are coming from all over the world are using different services of google. There is no other websites or search engine has run this much successful in the history of world wide web. Thanks to Larry Page and Sergi Brenly to discover such a good services to the internet. All the best.

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