Do blogging for sharing ideas not for earning

Blogging is like an art and it is not a common task for everyone to do it. So that never takes blogging as a source of earning income, just take it as a source to spread your knowledge and ideas, the earnings will come automatically if you take blogging as in this sense. The blogger need to spend infront of the internet with a pen and paper for more than hours is not the actual way to produce a content for the blog. Just select a topic and makes some ideas about it, also if it is possible use some reference then start writing the content if you are very known about the topic the words will come automatically from your hands when you type. Improve the seo of the blog by updating and adding more contents will be the key of the development of a site, seo stats is the main stats one should have to focus not the ad network stats of your ad network. Well when you prepare to write content try to go with more than atleast 300 words if it is possible write more than 600 words. A blogger need to check the traffic stats daily so that one can improve it by step by step. Make maximum quality backlinks that one can make so that it will help to get a touch with google pagerank and keyword results. Earning through blogging is the last step that a blogger need to take, when you select an ad network don't go with pop under ad network because it makes more loading time.

When you get paid through blogging you have to modify the blog by buying a domain name for the site. Content writing is the key of development of a site so use your amount for making the visitors to write for your site with a member accessing page. This are some of the ways I have personally experienced about blogging so the real focus of a blog is not to earn but to spread the ideas. All the best.

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