Write and earn through traffic

There are plenty of earning opportunities are available in internet. In them best to get paid from online is writing article. Best way to generate more income by writing article is write article and get paid for unique views. Some paid to writing site allow the members to earn from revenue sharing program and some writing allow the members to get paid directly from the site in which the ad revenue is generated. Here are some of the best writing sites which allow the members to earn some cash with the views that made from their writings.
1) Expertscolumn:- One of the famous writing site which allow the members to write articles and get paid whenever a unique visitor visit the article. They pay according to epcm rates which is from 0.75$ to 2$ per 1000 unique views. The minimum word limit for an article is 300 words. The minimum payout to withdraw amount is 5$ through moneybookers (skrill).
2) Triond:- Another famous writing site which allow the members to get paid per view that made from their articles. Their epcm rates most of the time constant with 1$. As this site is famous it is possible to get more views directly from other members. The minimum amount to withdraw cash is 10$ for paypal and 50$ for check.

3) Bubblews:- This site is good for generating income with article views. The pay rates are not based on ecpm it is depend on the 50% of the ad revenue they recieve from the article views. They pay approximately 0.01$ per view, 0.03$ per comment recieves,0.01$ per like recieve. The minimum payout amount to withdraw is 25$ through paypal and check.
There are the best writing site which allow the members to generate cash from every unique reader that they recieves. So for earning income there websites are good. All the best.

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