Ways to get approved google adsense account

Most of the bloggers who starts blogging always concentrate in developing there site the best to get approved from the google adsense. In order to get approved adsense account one should have a good site which matches all there requirements. In order to get approved from google a site must have an age 6 months or more. Need to contains more than 50 posts with 600 words this is not a real stats just an observation that's all. Google allows the members to place ads of other ad network but in the time of review remove all the ads so they will approve it without any delay. It is because ads like popunder are hate thing for google. As google loves contents give importants to maximum contents. Use attractive and good template to show google that the site has good ads space to place ads. If there is any alexa rank or anything place there widget in the blog. It is not meaning that they will check it but it is only for demand. The posts must contains the subjects that are important for the readers.

As adsense is known as the king of ad network because of its good ads rate it is somewhat a difficult chance to get approved in the beginning so try again and again after reading there suggestions and requirements. Try to modify the site to looks like a simple one because it is very hard to get approve for a rich widget added blogs. After getting approved from the google adsense the publisher need to careful about the safety of his/ her account because google adsense give more importants to the advertisers than the publishers so if they found any misbehaving activities like fraud clicks, use of traffic etc wil trouble them to loss there account permantaly. It is not a tough task to get approved if the site has enough contents and requirements. All the best.

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