Twitter: An amazing social networking site

Twitter is an amazing social networking site which consist of so many features and helpful things. This network is so impressive because of the way of communication that provided in the twitter that is one can share their ideas and opinions to the world in 140 characters. Unlike facebook tweet that posted by the twitter user is visible to all the people around the world. We can follow others while others follow us which show as a great way of building our communication to the world. Most of the famous citizens are using twitter rather than facebook because of its easy and cool features. In twitter one can share his thoughts to the world by indicating a word which is represented by '#' sign. Rather than a social media many people are using this network for business and other promotional benefits. In this social network it is easy to communicate with others one can speak to there roll models and famous personalities. According to the estimated statistic twitter has more than 300 million twitter users are there. It is good to have a twitter account because it will help us to develop good social relationship between others.

Many of the twitter users are try to impress with others in order to get follow them twitter help us to choose which kind of person that we need to follow. More than a social networking site twitter help us to know more things and share our thoughts so it is good to use this social media. There is no common features are available in twitter like in facebook but it has an impressing feature called tweeting which is the best part of this social networking site. As a social media this social network is very helpful so it is good to have a twitter account. All the best.

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