Snipsly: A revenue sharing site is google revenue sharing site which allow the members to post contents and can earn revenue by displaying ads. For earning cash through this website the member need to have an approved google adsense account. They will give 80% of the ad revenue generated from the article traffic that means whenever 100 people comes into the members article 80 of them view members ad and 20 will view the snipsly's ads. The greate benefit from this revenue sharing site is commonly other revenue sharing sites ask the members to write articles above 600 words but this site accept content having only 3 sentence which will help the members to write more articles daily. As this revenue sharing site has good rank in search engine so it is possible to get more revenue from the traffic. All the ads are shown by google adsense so quality ads will help the member to get more clicks. They recommend the users to write long article as the search engine loves content. It is possible to get more than 100 visitors per article.

So writing more content in a day means there is more possibility to earn more. As the google adsense serves the ads all the payment are from adsense itself. The earnings are tracked in the adsense while the member publish the content in snipsly. So for generating income with traffic with the help of a good revenue sharing site then this is one of the best revenue sharing site and also they allow the members to post small article so anyone can make more income. As the payments are directly from google so we can trust this site. All the best.

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