Influence of facebook among teenagers

Facebook is a great social media in the internet. It is estimated that it has more than 900 million facebooks accounts and still counting it. This social network helps a person to communicate and become socially with others. As far as the observation most of the facebook users are minor aged teenagers this social media help them to develop there communicative skills and makes bothered about the society. But it is sadly to found that most of the teenagers are addicted to facebook and an average teenager use facebook about 60 hours a month which means than 2 and half day in a month. It is good to have communicating with others but it is bad to have to addicted to it. This social media helps the teenagers to get more ideas and thoughts from different facebook sources likes pages and groups but it is bad to see that so many of them are misusing it. Even a 14 year old teenager can join in this social networking site without any obstacles. That led them to not to concentrate on studies because of their addiction. It is good to have a facebook account socially and mentally it is useful but there are some disadvantages also like it will kill their time.

For a teenager it is their responsibility to use this social network in a time table base which means they have to adjust some time for it while they don't have to use it during other activities. It is one's choice to choose good or bad so use facebook for good which help them to develop many useful skills. Many facebook users are using their account for good activities like sharing interesting ideas, facts, general knowledge questions etc that will help them to know and learn more things. So facebook has a great influence among teenagers it is good to have a facebook account but not to addicted on it. All the best.

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