Importance of keywords in blogging

Keywords has an important role in providing traffic to a site. It is because the search engines works according to an algorithms base so popular keywords may get higher impact than lower that's the reason why most of the bloggers try to develop there site with popular title and url. For eg Facebook is one of the got topic in internet especially in search engines so if a blogger create a blog related to Facebook url then it may help the blogger to gel more traffic. And also the description that we provide to the blog has also a big role in the traffic providing sources. Another thing is most of the people concentrate on posting Google trends content to get more views. The statistic of a website is based on the selection of the content that selected by the blogger if a site has a good page rank but if the topic is not much searchable then the popularity of that post may get affected.

Another best part that needed from the blogger to attract the visitors is the template of the site if the template of the site is impressive then it may force the visitors to read the content and even they are forced to click the ads like that the style of writing used in the blog post also has an important role in creating the visitor to read the post. According to my view content is the best part of the site so whenever I try to post a content I used to select best keywords for it. Title is the one which appear in the search engine so one need to looks to create long and good searching title. Blogging is such an easy thing if the blogger use it propely with good keywords. All the best.

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