How to refer people into a site

Most of the paying sites want there members to refer their friends and others to join on their site. For that most of the site provide referral commisions and earning measures. Even great ad networks also provide this measures to reach new members. Even though one can earn directly through the way of the site features but the referral commision will the member to generate some more income. Most of the cases people find it hard to refer others to a website. The following are some of the tips to refer people to a site.
*Use social medias to refer people. Social medias has the ability to reach everywhere easily. Use facebook pages to spread the word and use twitter to tweet to a word.
*Use opinion posting site to spread the referral link. For eg: toluna is an opinion taking site where you can spread the word.
* Use writing sites to write review about that site and provide a referral link along with it. Eg:,

* Post the referral link when you comment in other post. Try to provide as much information about the site as possible. Eg: Blog post.
* Refer others if you are confident with the paying system of the site otherwise it is exactly like cheating that referral.
These are some of the best way to find referrals for you. Referring others will help you to get paid more income. Whenever you try to provide the referral link try to give as much informations as possible then only the visitors will try to join under you. All the best.


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