How to create a content writing site

Google give more importants to contents than any other source because of this advantage many experienced bloggers try to promote more contents through there sites. Many of them developed content writing sites which allow the members to write contents for them and some sites even pay the members also. It is very easy to start a content writing site as it is low budgeted to get start and within a few months the site will able to generate income with its own. In order to start a content writing site the blogger need to left about at least 50$ for the initial starting of the site. First of all buy a suitable domain then create homepage, faq, members register and login pages etc. Add a member accessing content box to write and post articles. In the beginning it is very tough to get visitors, by step by step as the updating of the more contents will provide a way to get more traffic. Promote contests for entertain the members to write more contents through giving more earning opportunity . In the beginning the webmaster need to spend some amount for advertisements and for promotions because it is difficult to get writers in the beginning as the website has low traffic and there is no payment proof is there. Use quality ad networks for advertising the site. In the starting the webmaster need to provide payments to the members from his own hand and later on give from the income of the site.

Always left some balance in the account for paying the members and offer them to refer others. For that provide referral contests and other bookmarking offers that will make the site to get popular in the search engine. Provide good rates to the article based on the quality of the content so they will produce more contents. Content writing is very easy it helps to gain knowledge as well as earn income. All the best.

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