Expertscolumn Vs Bubblews

Expertscolumn and bubblews are the two great writing site which allow the members to earn cash by writing and can earn from the traffic that the article recieves. Both writing site are based on CPV type. In expertscolumn the CPV is based on ecpm which may vary from 0.50$ to 2$ per 1000 views while in bubblews the system will give about 0.01$ per view. In expertscolumn they allow the members to earn cash from their comment which has a length of more than 50 words while in bubblews the members can earn cash for every comment that an article recieves the pay rate per comment is about 0.03$ per comment that an article recieves and also they also pay for the likes that the article recieves the pay for 1 like is about 0.01$. In expertscolumn the member need to write an article having a length minimum of 300 words and also articles are only accepted after review while on bubblews the article need to contain only 400 words and they accept article without review. In expertscolumn the minimum payout amount is 5$ and have two payment modes paypal for international members and moneybookers for Indian users.

While on bubblews the minimum payout amount is 25$ having 4 payment modes including paypal and check. For earning income by writing both the sites are extremely good but when we compare expertscolumn with bubblews, bubblews pay high rates to the members. In expertscolumn one can easily get paid because the payout amount is very low so there are many difference for this sites. The recommending website as part of my view is bubblews but expertscolumn is also extremely good. All the best.

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