Edomz Vs Popads

Popads and edomz are the two best PPV ad network in the internet. Both the ad network promote pop up banners to advertise. But when we compare there two ad network the systems are exactly same and some difference we can find from both. In popads the PPV rates are choosed by the publishers if the publisher choose 0.0005$ as the pay for single view the publisher will able to get paid more than on that amount. But if the publisher choose high rates then the ads shows on the site if such rated ads are there so for earning publisher need to choose low rates. But on edomz the rates are completely controlled by advertisers it may vary from 0.0001$ to 0.002$ per view. Both the ad network shows pop up banners but on edomz there is two option allowed to the publishers autoopen and onclick ads, autoopen open ads when a visitor came in to the site but most of the browsers are popup blocker so it may not open to every visitor so they can choose onclick it will open ad whenever a person click anywhere in the page and browser can't block that one. But on popads there is only one option that is onclick and no autoopen is available.

In the case of payment options also there are some difference popads allow the publishers to withdraw amount through paypal and payza with minimum payout amount 5$ and wire transfer with minimum payout amount 500$. In edomz there is also 3 payment options paypal, payza and moneybookers with minimum payout amount with 10$. So for generating good amount with pop under ads both the ad networks are good but only choose one ad network to earn because using of multiple ad will make the visitors to hate the site. My recommendation is edomz is the best PPV ad network. All the best.

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