Directcpv: Best CPV ad network to get start is one of the best cpv ad network. CPV ad network always help the publishers to generate some income with the traffic whenever a visitor view the ad the publisher get some cash for that view. This ad network offers approximately 0.0015$ per view which will bring a decent CPM rate as well when it reaches 1000 visitors. CPV ad network will always good for low traffic site because is it not possible to generate clicks for CPC and 1000 impression for CPM ad networks so for low traffic sites best ad network is CPV. This site is extremely good for huge traffic because they can generate more income with there pageviews. When we consider CPV ad network with CPM ad network its rates are very low but it is effective. Directcpv offers quality ads and provide fast and good stats reports to track the earning report. So using this ad network will help the members to earn cash from each and every visitors that they recieves.

There are thousands of members using this ad network for generating income with the traffic. This ad network offers two payment modes to the publishers to withdraw their cash paypal and wire transfer with minimum payout amount 100$. The minimum payout amount looks like some what high for low traffic site but for earning income with low traffic it is very difficult so this is the only choose that one can do. If a site have atleast 1000 visitors a day then it would be good for earning fast. But however their CPV rates are effective when we compare with other CPV ad networks. All the best.

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