Chitika Vs Adhitz

Chitika and Adhitz are two best paying ad network and considered as the best alternative for google adsense. Here is small comparison between these two ad network based on there rates and advantages.
Chitika is a good ad network for high traffic sites they have a CPM rates of 0.40$ to 3$ and having a CPC rate of 0.02$ to 0.06$ however the CPC rates of chitika is not good when we compare with the rates adhitz because adhitz CPC rate is 0.03$ to 0.14$ which is somewhat high but they don't promote CPM ads so they don't have any CPM rates. Chitika allow the publishers to paste more than 3 ads on a page but adhitz only display 4 ads in a page. Adhitz has quality ads to attract visitors while chitika promote only low quality text ads. Chitika accept sites only after review while adhitz accept directly without any need of review. Chitika paying system is based on monthly mode which means publishers can redeem their cash on the end of the month automatically but earnings will not transfer to the next month to get paid which is biggest disadvantage of chitika while adhitz also pay the members automatically on the day of payment if the amount doesn't meet the minimum payout amount it will transfer to the next month and so on.

Chitika offers two payment modes to withdraw cash paypal with 10$ and check with 50$ while adhitz has also two payment modes paypal with 25$ and payza with 50$. Adhitz allow the members who wanted to get paid via payza because some people who don't have a paypal account and looking for an ad network which pay via payza this ad network is helpful. For getting paid both this ad networks are extremely good even though they have some difference. According to my view adhitz is the best option comparing with chitika but chitika pay high rates for US/Canada traffic. All the best.

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