Bukisa Vs Infobarrel

Revenue sharing sites offers there users to earn income with an ad network without having a site. Bukisa and infobarrel are two ad revenue sharing sites which offers this service. Bukisa is a famous ad revenue sharing site which allow the members to use two ad networks chitika and adsense while infobarrel allow the members to use three ad networks adsense, chitika and amazon. Bukisa offers 60% of the ad revenue generated by google adsense and give 100% of the ad revenue generated by chitika. While on infobarrel they give 75% ad revenue for all ad networks. Bukisa accept smaller article having 250 words while infobarrel suggest members to write more than 300 words article. Bukisa allows the members to republish their content while infobarrel accept only unique contents. When comparing bukisa with infobarrel the ad revenue for adsense publishers is only 60% while on infobarrel it is 75% so for adsense publishers infobarrel is best and in the case of chitika bukisa is the best. The payments are directly from the ad networks so publishers don't have to worry about the payments but need to carefull about the way they promote their contents.

It is possible to get more traffic because of the popularity of the revenue sharing sites but for earning more promoting through social medias is required as done for the blogs. The detectation of an invalid click or traffic in the ad network may cause the blocking of the ad network may also cause if the publisher use their ad network account in misbehavior manner. So publisher need to careful about their ad networks in this revenue sharing sites. All the best.


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