Yllix: Generate income with traffic

Yllix.com is a small ad network which allow the publishers to generate income with there traffic. They provide multiple type of ads to earn income like popunder, banner, redirecting link etc. Their epcm rate is not much challengable to other ad network but some what decent. They offer CPM rate between 0.20$ to 1.50$ based on the geo traffic. In addition to CPM advertisement they offer CPC and CPA advertisements to generate more income to the publishers. This ad network is good websites which has low traffic. Ad rates are based on geo targetting so the amount will be vary according to the traffic generated countries. There payment option is the most attractive part of this ad network the minimum payout amount is only 1$. They offer two payment modes to withdraw amount paypal and payza. They charge payment fee for amount below 10$. Those who want to run advertisement as a part time for the big ad network this ad network is good. There are thousands of members are in yllix who earning some good amount by turning there traffic into cash. Because of the low payout amount even low traffic sites can also be generated into cash generating site.

There CPC rates are very low when we compare with other ad network but because of the multiple advertisement options this is simply good. Another great speciality of this site is they pay there member correctly in time. This ad network is mainly used by the webmasters to run as a part time advertisement as there minimum payout is very low. So those who look to generate good amount by running this ad network this is good. All the best.

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