Ways to get twitter followers

Twitter is one of the famous social networking site in the internet world and most of the peoples are familiar with the system of twitter. But the most hardest thing in the twitter is getting some real followers. In the case of famous personalities it is just only a joke play but for an ordinary person it isquite some tough thing. Here are some tips for getting some good followers-:
* Tweets are the common tool in twitter and it is also very helpful for everyone to get popularity. Use trend twitter keywords for tweeting will help us to listed us in a famous talking word list. And also it will help us to get popularity and followers.
* Communities which having twitter account will loves to get testimonials so write testimonial regarding a community eg: @cricbuzz, @rajasthanroyals etc are some of the community having some good followers and loves to get some testimonial of them. Whenever person tweet for them they will retweetit which will help us to gain popularity.
* Use twitter update widget in your blog/site will help you to get followers. If your site has a good number of traffic then provide your twitter widget in this site. Whenever someone interested in you and like to follow then they can directly follow you by the help of this widget.
*Update your twitter everyday if it is possible post atleast 4 tweet a day. This will help you to increase your popularity and led others to follow you.

*Use sensible and interesting tweets to post in your twitter account. Some people like to follow peoples who are talking about motivational and inspirational tweets and others may love to follow people who are interested in updating latest technology information. So choose a right category for you to post in twitter.
*Follow exchange is the another way to increase followers but this is not a good idea because the followers you will get is fake and which is exactly same as traffic exchange. If twitter finds this in your account then they will suspend you from twitter.
All the best.

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