Ways to get traffic to a site

There is always a tricky thing in getting pagerank for a website. There are lots of factors which provide the way to get traffic to a site and pagerank. The main key of getting top on the search result is the pagerank system in google. Higher the pagerank means higher the amount of visitors receive to that site. For giving a pagerank google looks many factors.
* Google wants fresh content which means unique post. The copying content from other source may cause in the decrease or make problems when google get updated for providing pageranks.
* Quality contents- means the length of the post need to be atleast 600 words or try to produce multipl posts a day to challenge it. The articles need to have good searching topics and right informations. The main source of visitors to most of the sites is from google but there are other ways are also depending on to get visitors.
* Create Theme-: Your sites theme is the another content which force the visitors to revisit your site so try to create a good layout to attract audience.

* Backlinks- Creating backlinks means you are creating a refering source to your site. Suppose you created a backlink in one of the top pageranked site so it will help you to get more popularity with its visitors.
* Social Networks- Social networking help you to share your site with your friends. And moreover it is a very good media to try promoting sites. Writing tweets about your site in twitter will help others to know about your site.

This are some of the easiest and coolest way to get visitors quickly.

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