Time: Most precious thing in the world

Time is one of the most valuable thing in the world. God given time for everyone equally without any greed but the common problem is no one want to use that time properly. Life is somethingthat one can't expect whatwill happen next but if a person can adjust his/her time propely then they can faceany situations easily. Everything has its own time the thing is the maximum use of it if a person fail to use his time according to the situationsthen great difficulties may be occur inhis life. When we just look at the famouspeoples like Sachin Tendulkar,Bill Gates, Messi etc we can seesome speciality from thosepeoples. They are using their time propely for challenging tomorrows thats why they are become successful person in the history. Success is a journey that never end but one has to use his time can keep success in his/her hands comfortably.
There is a famous quotes which tells that " Tomorrow is not for us" sowhat one had to do is keep their works upto date without having delay.

Time is a boon of god so the person who well using of time will get blessings of god. Money can buy almost all things that we can see around but one can't buy time according to his/her wishes. Situations are made because of time so one who use their time foruseful things will get goodsituation or otherwise it will create bad situations.
Remember this proverb always "men may comes and men may go but time will not come for ever" . All the best.

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