Oktutor: Get paid to teach online

Oktutor.net is an online tutoring centre which allow the tutors to teach students online while they get paid. This tutoring centre has more than 3000 students and about more than 1000 of tutors. This tutoring site allow anyone to join for as a tutor while the students can join for studying. After joining on this tutoring site the tutor is allowed to choose subjects. After choosing subjects the tutor has to face a test on that subjects. Only the members who passed the exam can only be able to participate in tutoring students. The pay rates for tutoring is based on hour based the tutor will get 5$/hour. If a students is satisfied with the teaching of the tutor the tutor will get 20% of the tutoring fee. One impressing thing is one can adjust there own time for working. Teaching means not face to face contact between tutor and the students but it is about preparing notes and other studying online tools for the students.

Even collage students can also join on this tutoring centre for teaching primary and highschool students for getting paid as a part time job. This online tutoring centre offers three payment modes for withdraw cash paypal, wire transfer and moneybookers with no minimut payout amount. The payment is based on bi-monthly where the amount will transfer to the tutors payment modes automatically. So tutoring students is a good way to earn some cash as well as we can gain more knowledge by teaching. For doing as a part time job online tutoring is best when we compare to other seo works but it is not at all easy for a part timers as they want to adjust their time properly. All the best.

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