Infobarrel: Best revenue sharing program is a very popular revenue sharing site among bloggers. This revenue sharing site offer their members to choose 3 ad networks google adsense, chitika, amazon. And they allow the members to generate 75% of the ad revenue while 25% are generated to infobarrel. One major advantage from infobarrel is it is not possible for a beginner blogger to generate more ad revenue directly from the traffic of their site. But with the help of this revenue sharing site the starters can write their article and sumbit to them and earn good earning from direct traffic from infobarrel. The minimum word limit that infobarrel allowed to write is 325 words but they tell the writers to write atleast 400 words for generating more traffic. The payments and earning is based on the ad network which is choosed by the member and directly pays are sent by ad network. 75% ad revenue is not much big but the fact is one will get more traffic to their writings than direct site traffic.

Most of the members look to write in more than 600 words as the search engine mostly preferred and also infobarrel has good pagerank which will help the members to get their post at the top of the search results. In order to get more earning the members need to choose good ad network based upon the traffic for getting chitika account it is very easy but it is not in the case of adsense it is very tough but the earning rate is higher than chitika. So choose a best ad network will help the members to increase there earnings. There are thousands of bloggers are there in infobarrel who looking to earn some high amount with their ad network and they successed with it in infobarrel. So for both beginners and experts in blogging can earn double of the earning with this revenue sharing site. All the best.

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