How to generate seo traffic

Blogging is like an art and it will not be a common thing for all. For doing blogging the blogger need some skills one major thing necessary for blogging is writing talent and another one is patiency. First of all the blogger has to create blog with an attracting title and site url. And he/she need to focus on collecting post subject one important thing is only go with the interest of your audience. Most of the internet love to know more tricks and tips of technologies and other stuffs so if the blogger focus on that particular subject then he/she able to make some quick audience. Next is give more informations on the topic which means an article need atleast 600 words which makes the post more attractive. Next is try to write atleast 2 articles a day make the blog updated. Search engine looking for huge contents if the blogger has managed to bring more content it will help him/her to increase seo ranks and pageranks.

Google search engine is the most user rich search engine so if the blogger managed to get some seo ranks then traffic may automatically flow. Sites having more than 250 posts is called as mature site so such site able to get drive more traffic. Even such site can make more than 1000 unique visitors a day. So focus on this tricks will help the blogger to get an active traffic flowing site. More traffic means more earning blogger can make some good earning with ad network. After making some amounts blogger can buy a domain name on there own will and can make a cool website and a part time earning source also. All the best.

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