Get paid to write online

Paid to write is now become a common thing for internet users. When we just surf in the internetwe can find hundreds of sites that allow the members to write article and get paid for that. I would like to mention 3 sites which pay a good rate for articles.
1) Exposeknowledge-: An Indian site which allow the members to post article and get paid from it. Members can write contents according to theirown will and can get paid from it. The pay rates per article is going from 0.10$ to 3$ according to the quality and informative of that content. And also points are also available tothe members to earn extracash. 1000 point =3$ in exposeknowledge. They offer two payment modes alertpay with 10$ and bank transfer with 20$ as minimum payout.
2) Boddunan-: Another paid to writing site which offer the members to publish their contents. Thissite is only for Indian users. The pay rate per article is go from 10Rs to 100Rs depending upon the quality of the content. Point system is also available in this site for 1000 points they give 60Rs. They prefer only onepayment mode check withminimum payout 1200Rs.

3) Techulator-: This site accept technology articles and informations about new gadgets. The pay rates per article is 10 Rs to100 Rs according to the quality and informative of the content. They also allow the members to participate in revenue sharing program with 90% traffic revenue. They accept only one payment mode bank transfer with 1000 Rs as minimum payout.
I hope this post will help you to know about this paying sites more. Not only these sites there are plenty of other writing sites are there .All the best.


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