Frameptp: Best PTP ad network is one of the best PTP site for the webmasters. They have more than thousands of members are there who earning some good amount with this site. In this ad network there is no CPC earning or advertisements for the publishers they can earn from CPM advertisements. Their CPM rate is very low that is 0.50$ per 1000 visitors but the benefit of this site is they accept pageviews to count the earning stats while most of the other ad networks are counting unique views for CPM earning stats. The visitors are tracked is points so when ever a person comes into a publisher site he/she will get a point 1000 point makes 0.50$ most of the people don't like point system but here it is not bad.

Another advantage of this program is this ad network is best for low traffic sites as they are counting pageviews. The main disadvantage of this PTP site is they providing HTML iframe technique for advertisement which may slow the publishers site but not too much harm. Even though their CPM rate is very low they are running some contest for satisfying the publisher. The most point taker of the month will get 5$, second will get 3$ and third will get 1$. There payout amount is the common thing which attract most of the publisher which is only 1$ and the payment modes are paypal,payza,libertyreserve etc including most of the online net bank. This PTP site is good for all webmaster even if there traffic is low or high. Webmasters having good traffic sites can earn good amount and can withdraw daily. All the best.

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