Flipkart: Get paid to sell products

Flipkart.com is one of the famous marketplace in the online. Most of the ebuyers are familiar with this marketplace. But only few of them knows that this site offers an affiliating program. Anyone can join on this affiliating site by creating an account whenever a member create an account he/she will get an referral id. The member has to promote this id through banners, promotional links etc. They have wide variety of products starting from baby products to electronic gadgets so the purchasing will be more easier for the buyers. Whenever a sale is completed by clicking on the refer link the referrer will get a commision for that sale. The commision rates are vary according to the products the rates are between 1% to 10% of the cost of the sold product. Those who want to earn income through online by doing online business this affiliating site is offering a good opportunity. This affiliating site offer two ways to get payment first is gift voucher and second is EFT. For gift voucher the member need to earn 250Rs and for EFT the member need to earn 2500Rs.

Through gift voucher the member can buy something from the flipkart with that price and for EFT which means electronic fund transfer which is almostly like bank transfer. For buying things and earn money by selling product this site is a good place. There are thousands of affiliating members are in this site with every minute different products are sold. They offer a good discount rates for the buyers to buy things online. All the best.


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