Fanshala: Best ad network for facebook pages is very famous facebook ad network which allow the facebook page admins to earn some cash with their page. People create facebook page for fun but only few of them know the way to earn cash with facebook page like a huge traffic getting site. Fanshala only accept facebook pages having minimum 1000 likes. And the ad type they run is CPC rated that means whenever the admin of the page post a status on the page along with fanshala and whenever a fan click the link provided in the below of the status the member of the fanshala admin will get some amount. The CPC rates are going between 0.01$ to 0.10$ per click. So the rate is looking like good for earning. If a page able to generate 100 clicks then the amount will be more than 10$. So for earning some good income from online as like a website this ad network is promising one. Fans of a page is depend upon the skill of the admins so there is no need for any seo stuffs therefore the admins can make some better earning than in blogging. Many famous fan pages using this facebook ad network for earning as well as for advertising.

They have only one payment mode to withdraw amount that is cheque with minimum payout amount 200$. Minimum payout amount looks like some high but it is possible to generate 20$ to 40$ with facebook page. Therefore admins can able to make more than 500$ a month with their fan page. Social medias are for fun but more than that there are plenty of earning opportunities are also there. All the best.


  1. how can i sign up? I visited the website but I'm not seeing the sign up link... help pls

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