Bubblews: A Good PPV writing site

Bubblews.com is a fresh new writing site which came into the online world with lots of expectations. Anyone can join in this article writing site and can write while they get paid for every views, comments, likes that made by their articles. Actually this is PPV based site which doesn't have any fixed rate for the views and other activities. Members will get 50% of the advertisement benefits which occurs from their article for this site. One of the greatest advantage of this site is the word limit for every content should be atleast 400 characters which means that there is no need for a big content to write they accept small paragraphs of contents. Most of the contents which is written by the members in this site is very short. There is no review process in bubblews so the articles are published automatically when the member click sumbit button. For those who looking to earn some money easily without doing much job then this site is the best. Even a person can make more than 1$ with a single article in 5 minutes because of the great community system in bubblews.

Currently they have 4 payment options paypal, cheque, gift visa and buy me this. For the first 3 payment options the minimum payout is 25$ and for 'buy me this' the bubblews team send a gift which have the price of that members earning. Paypal is the widely using payment option in this site the reason is anyone can make some good earning with this site and redeem it using paypal very easily it only take upto 24hrs to get paid. For those who looking to earn some good earning with PPV system then this site is also good. All the best.

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