Adfly: Get paid to short url is one of the most popular ad network in online. Most of the internet users are aware about this because of their advertisement program. This ad network will help the webmaster in two ways- first of all it will short the url and secondly the webmaster can earn some cash from this system. Whenever a member join on this system he/she is allowed to create a short link for their website and whenever a person visit this website using adfly short link then the visitor will redirect to an advertisement page. This advertisement page contains a timer which show ads upto a time to the visitor and redirect(skip button is available) them to the original site. Whenever this process continues the benefit is for the publisher(webmaster) he/she will get paid for every such visits. This ad network is mainly based on CPM advertisement which is depend upon the geo targeting traffic. The one and only disadvantage that one can find from this ad network is this system will harm the readers vision about that website but the publisher will get his/her pay even though the visitor didn't visit the actual site.

This ad network has two payment option paypal and alertpay and the minimum payout amount in is very low that is 5$. There is no earning limit so one can make more than hundreds of dollars with adfly. So those who want to earn some good amount with the traffic of their site then adfly is the best option. All the best.


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