Adclickmedia: Best CPC ad network is one of the popular and trusted ad network in the internet world. This ad network has a great place in the list of best ad networks which is including with chitika,clicksor,adsense etc. This ad network pay their publishers on the basis of CPC advertisements. Their paying rates per click is from 0.05$ to 0.30$ which is something high CPC rates when we compare with other CPC ad networks. There are more than thousands of publishers who are enjoying the earning system in this ad network. This ad network help the webmasters to gain some good amount with their traffic. Another great advantage of this ad network is they have quality ads so it help the publishers to generate some clicks. There are four types of ad formats which help the webmasters to show on their site according to the placement of the content. This site is also good for advertisers for advertising because the advertisers has to pay only for the click that they recieves.

They have only one payment option which is paper check and the minimum payout amount for withdrawing in this ad network is just only 50$. So those who interested to turn their website into cash generating machine with the help of the traffic then this site is the best. If a site has the ability to produce atleast 1000 visitors and if you get 20 clicks from it then members can make an amount of 1$ to 3$ per day. Therefore those who searching for a good ad networks then this ad network is good. All the best.


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  2. If you are looking for a reputable contextual advertising company, I recommend that you take a look at Chitika.