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Webnode.com is a domain name registration website. They offer cheap price for domain names for the website creators however they also offer the members to create free websites also. The only problem of your free website is the domain name will look like 'yourname.webnode.com'. Webnode is exactly same like the blog we created from the blogger and having blogspot on the end. This website registering site has a good website builder which is available in both mobile and desktop version so the member can edit his/her site easily. There has lots of features are also available in the webnode site like you can create forums, adding widgets, uploading videos and photos etc. This service is also very suitable for doing blogging also by running ads from the ad networks and also they have 100+ free templates are available. Webnode also have a good statistic tracker which tracks all the visitors details, country stats, unique views, pageviews, referring sites etc. So this service is extremely good as like the blogger.

One major advantage of this service is you can earn some good amount by blogging with the help of this and can buy this site for your domain which is something a good news for bloggers. And also the webmaster don't need to worry about the loss of visitors by doing this because the visitor will automatically redirect to your actual site. For every free site you will get 100 MB storage and 1Gb brandwidth which is also a cool feature. So there are many features and specifications are there in this site for those who wanted to create a free website and earn from it. I hope this site will help you to create a free website, try it. All the best.

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