Triond: Good PPV site for paypal users is one of the most famous paying sites in the internet. They are very well known to everyone for there pay per view program. There are thousands of members are there in triond who is earning some bit of cash from this site. When we compare this site with other pay per view sites it has many problems firstly the triond offer very low CPM for the article views. There fixed pay rate for 1000 views is 1$ which is something low. And secondly their payment feature triond is good for those who having paypal because the minimum amount required to withdraw for paypal users is 0.50$ but this condition is not same for other members they have another two payment option that is check and western union the payout amount is too high it is 50$. In some countries paypal is not available for that places triond is not a good option to earn cash from internet. Even though they have these problems they offer other ways for the members to earn like referring others. Triond offer 10% of the earning of the referral so referring others will boost the earning measurement also.

Triond is one of the experienced paying site in the internet so there is no need to worry about the paying matters. Unlike other pay per view sites this site will not allow the users to republish there article in triond they want fresh content. Even though they have this much problems there are many peoples are there in triond. For a paypal user this is the best site for earning some serious income from internet. All the best.

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