Practice is the best teacher

“Practice is the best teacher” For every success there need a lot effort and practice. What the base of this proverb is saying is by practicing and hard work makes a person into success. For achieving any goal there need a huge hard work. You may know another proverb, which is saying, “There is no gain without any pain”. So dream about your future with good hard work and with faith in god. Then your life will be a successful else it will bring sadness and hard to your life. God created you by giving a wonderful talent, first of all identify your talent and use it carefully. Actually, the talent is coming from interest and you have to convert your dream and interest into talent with hard work. If we check any sportsmen or any philosopher, we can see from them that they come to their profession with practice and hard work. Winning or losing is a part of a game participating in it with confidence and hard work is the important thing. Success comes from persistence and hard work sometimes you may thing that money can buy anything but it can’t buy respect, sleep, health etc. The purpose of life is to live in the world by resisting all the impossibilities. If god is with you then nothing can defeat you along with god if there is hard work along with it then everything is with you. Use your talent properly with hard work and practice. Life never offer you only happiness it also bring sadness for resisting all this things you need confidence, the confidence is coming from hard work.

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