Popads: Best CPV,CPM ad network

Popads.net is looking like a guaranteed ad network for bloggers. As like the site name 'Pop ads' they are serving pop under ads for advertisement and publishing. There are many benefits are there in this ad network like the publisher or members are allowed to rate his CPV rates which is not a common thing in other ad network and the CPM rates is starting from 0.50$ to 3.00$ according to the advertisers rates. Lower the rates means higher the ads serve. But the real problem is for advertisers this ad network is not good for advertisement if anyone has adsense or other ad network which doesn't allow pop under views. Another great advantage of this ad network is they don't have any country restriction for showing ads. Most of the browsers are disabled to show pop under for in order to keep safety but here this ad network is run under a system that whenever a person click anywhere in the site which having pop ads it will show ads to then without any restrictions. There ads are very safe and trusted and even verified by many safety guards. One of the major advantage of this site is there payout amount their minimum payout is 5$ for paypal, alertpay and 500$ for wire transfer. The publishers are welcomed to earn additional benefits from their referrals.

Pop ads allow the publishers to earn 10% of the referral earning for referring publishers and 10% deposited amount for referring advertisers. So for those who looking to earn some good cash from internet then this ad network is also good and have many benefits. All the best.


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